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What are foreigners looking for in Russian women?

Foreigners are quite popular among russian brides. However, it often is not entirely clear why such a nice and attractive man can not find a wife in his homeland. If such foreigners are far beyond 50, and they are looking for young ones of their 20-year-old beauties, then everything is clear. But a nice man, about 35 years of age, who is in active correspondence with Slavic women for the purpose of creating a family, causes some perplexity. However, if you carefully consider the requirements of Western and not only men to the beautiful sex, it becomes clear that Western women are not destined to satisfy them, but Russian it is possible to fully.


    Foreigners are looking for true love. No fake feelings, but something sincere. Western women put on the first place a career, so it's hard, it's hard to force them to give up something for the sake of the family.


    All foreigners are looking for a beautiful wife. But do not assume that if you are complimented about beauty, then he is insincere. For a Western man, beauty has a slightly different meaning. In our understanding, it can simply be called sympathy, that is, without obvious flaws in appearance, even if not the Miss Universe.

    Sports wear

    Foreigners want sports women, because in the West, many go to gyms. However, this happens as necessary, because their physical form is not in the best condition. Russian women need only frequent walks on the street or hikes on the stairs several times a day, so that in the questionnaire you can write "fit", that is, a woman in good sportswear.


    An educated person in the West can be called someone who has finished at least an older school. Their education is slightly different from ours, however, both here and with them, it is considered prestigious to have a master's degree or at least a bachelor's degree. If you have it, then you will receive additional points in the eyes of the man, so do not hesitate to mention this in the correspondence.


    A woman should be clever at least in order to transfer her good genes to future children. Western men seriously think about it, therefore, they indicate in the questionnaires the requirement "intelligent", which can be translated as clever rather than intelligent. If a man means wit rather than book knowledge, he will indicate "smart." Although Russian women this feature is inherent almost everywhere. They are accustomed to think outside the box and solve the most incredible problems quickly and ingeniously, so it always seems "smart" in the eyes of foreign men.


    This is one of the most important requirements. A girl should be kind, gentle, caring, friendly. Meger they have in the West and so there is enough, but warmth, sincerity, simplicity, openness – with this deficit. This is why foreigners come. However, almost all Russian women have such a set of qualities, because they are angry and irritated because they can not feed themselves and their family, they are piling a lot of problems and not enough time. Therefore, if a Russian woman gets into the atmosphere, where she and her children will be looked after and loved, will be able to provide her family with a decent standard of living, she will feel happy and show her best qualities. And in general, the habit refers to people the way they treat you, alive and thriving in the Russian souls. Therefore, if you are surrounded by good people, then you will become for them the best loving wife and an excellent friend.


    This is the biggest hitch. Mostly the bride from Russia is looked for by men in their age, and they want to find themselves young and beautiful. However, there are those who are simply looking for their love, and these are quite young men who have no time to look for girls in the real world, or they are disappointed in their compatriots. It is very difficult not to get lost in a large stream of seekers of a better life and not to miss your man. But it's real. The main thing is to be sincere and give your love, a man though for thousands of kilometers, but will feel it if it is real.

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