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I’m baffled, and I also don’t know very well what to create for the situation.

My closest friend chose to make a porn account, and post videos of her spouse, together with his permission, needless to say. Which I’m totally supportive of if that’s what they wanna do. But she asked me personally if i desired to kiss her and also make a video clip. We wasn’t yes if i needed to or otherwise not, thus I texted my boyfriend about any of it. To have their viewpoint.

But he didn’t provide them with in my experience. All he kept asking ended up being aspects of her account, and so I casually asked him “wait, do you want to see them lmfao” although, only at that point we ended up being confident it is exactly just what he wanted. And his response that is exact wasi am talking about i will be inquisitive but personally i think enjoy it is dickish”

Therefore I told him calmly I happened to be uncomfortable with this, and raged the entire drive house. Literally didn’t even care to discuss the problem I happened to be looking to get their viewpoint on. And it was left by him at that, changed the niche. I happened to be driving thus I ignored him, but i do believe it ended up being understood by him had been types of shitty so he simply kept messaging me. Continue reading