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To fix this in Windows 10, press the Windows key, and then type Task Manager. Your PC might be working slow because you have diminished its capability to utilize the resources by opting for the power saving mode.

You don’t have to allow that, however — it’s easy to control which applications automatically start with Windows. Of course, you’ll want to be sure to do some research Blizzard desktop app first to make sure you’re not turning off a component that you might actually need. Once you’re sure you know what you want to turn off, using Task Manager, you can improve your PC’s performance by preventing unnecessary apps from running automatically when Windows starts. By default, Windows 10 uses a “balanced” power usage plan that can sometimes hamper performance. The balanced plan keeps your CPU speed lower when it’s not in use, and puts key components in their respective power-saving modes during times of low demand. When a computer is slow to boot up, a common ailment is having too many startup programs.

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Here’s how you can disable unwanted startup apps to improve the speed of your Windows 10 operating system. Although by default, Windows 10 will put your display to sleep, many users leave their computers on for days or even weeks. During this time, applications continue running in the background, accommodating memory over time and causing serious slowdowns. For best performance, your hard disk should never be completely full.

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However, it also will slow down your CPU, so you might want to disable them. To find Disk Cleaner, right-click any drive in File Explorer and select “Properties” and “Disk Cleanup” under the “General” tab. Once open, it will automatically find files that may be taking up unnecessary space, such as temporary Internet and system memory dump files, and present them to you for your review. Once you’ve looked them over, you can easily erase them by simply clicking “OK”.

About half of the programs that I install try to run silently in the background. That’s fine for just a handful of programs, but the impact on performance is cumulative. If your computer has enough programs set to run at startup, the entire system will get bogged down. Windows has the ability to adjust a variety of system settings to balance performance against things like battery life and how aggressively a PC’s cooling system works to keep heat under control. Some applications will start when Windows boots up and run processes that you don’t really need.

Junk and temp files, internet junk, system cache and more data fill up your disk space. Get rid of all unwanted files and increase free space and performance. Windows 10 gives you the option to select a hybrid startup mode that cuts down on boot up time by just putting the PC into hibernation rather than fully shutting down. Much to your surprise, there are likely some programs running in the background of your Windows 10 OS that you’re completely unaware of. Microsoft has enabled their native universal apps to do this so you can quickly access their features.

  • Like the best free software, LibreOffice is an open-source project from The Document Foundation that was originally part of another Office alternative, OpenOffice.
  • Countless other productivity apps exist out there, but these six are the best of the best when it comes to getting your work done quickly, reliably, and most importantly, for free.
  • Larger companies that want to use this alternative may want to look into professional supportfrom approved third-parties before engaging LibreOffice at the enterprise level.
  • While businesses may save by paying for reliable solutions, many governments around the world are opting for LibreOffice to escape Microsoft’s costly enterprise agreements.
  • Just keep in mind that, as an open-source application, LibreOffice does not provide its own support or assistance.
  • You can download LibreOffice for free personal use on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

However, I advise RAM drive usage only for those who want to improve the performance of a single application. The most important examples of software that benefit from RAM disks are Photoshop, browsers, and video editing software. Getting rid of non-essential startup software is absolutely essential for performance. Fortunately, Windows makes it easy to remove most auto-starters.