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Best Guide to Restore Poor PC Work After Malware Removal

Run A Full Check Disk

No letter is assigned (which is why it doesn’t show up in Windows Explorer). My hard drive says not initialized and unallocated.

I have 4 USB slots and I have tried them all with the same results. I followed your advice step by step and lost all of the files on my external drive, only THEN to see the warning that this would happen. Turns out it was the Hard Drive cable that was the issue. Try it with a different USB cable to see if that works.

I need to be able to recover the information on the drive. I have a Seagate, 1TB external HDD – it was working few day’s ago, after which it had been displaying the drive under my computer. The light on the HDD is flashing blue, but I am not able to see it. I tried disk mgmnt and dev mgmnt but, it is not visible there. I think formatting my portable hard drive for my LG TV the first time I used it might have something to do with it.

In Disk Management it shows up a drive with Simple Layout, Basic Type, Status is Healthy (Primary Partition) with Capacity of 1.8TB. However, if I right click on the drive, the only option that is active (bold faced) is Delete Volume.

I say this because i recently updated a usbtoide driver and all my external hdd drives disappeared from explorer . The external hard drive opens perfectly on my older computer and I can see all of my folders. However, when I plugged the external hard drive into the new computer, the new computer recognizes the drive but I can’t open it.

  • What if the drive doesn’t show up in Disk Management even after trying both of these steps?
  • It’s tough to know for certain whether the drive is bad or your computer is having a problem.
  • Commonly, a user will not able to understand what a RAW file system means, therefore, they may follow the critical step of formatting the data to solve the issue.
  • A RAW file system is a file that the Windows cannot recognize.
  • If you have another computer nearby, try plugging the hard disk into it to check whether it’s detected.

Is It A Software Or Hardware Issue?

I have the same problem but in my case, my Seagate external hard disk is not even showing in the disk management. Actually it was working properly a week ago but now when I connect it on my Lenovo laptop the sound that is connected and even the light on the hard disk is on but its not showing anything. I didn’t try assigning letters and all that crap as I didn’t want to be transfer stuff off my hard drive to wipe it clean. In Disk management you can see the device appear and the disappear every 30 seconds or so. The same thing happens in the device manager section.

Tried this opened disk management, I don’t have a windows key so used the "search programs and files" instead. Only one I can click on is Properties or Help, properties said it is working properly, and help is very unhelpful. My Seagate hard drive isn’t showing up in device manager and this doesn’t say what to do in that situation. It works when connected to my other laptop, and I know the usb port isn’t dead because it works when other devices such as my mouse are connected to it.

I cannot be sure though – it might be a faulty product. All the tests I did with ‘Data Life Guard’ gave me a tick for good health.